Product information

• Alli is aimed at adults with a BMI 28 or over – has a BMI calculator functionality
• Clinically proven that adding Alli to a reduced calorie, lower fat diet can boost your weight loss by 50%!
• It works by stopping some of the fat you eat from being absorbed, so for every 2 lb (1 kg) you lose from eating healthily, adding alli can help you lose 1 lb (1/2 kg) more.
• The alli program also gives you tools to help you sustain your weight loss goals over the long term, if you’re prepared to make positive lifestyle changes.
• Alli 60 mg capsules are a weight loss aid containing Orlistat
• Orlistat is also known as tetrahydrolipstatin, its primary function is preventing the absorption of fats from the human diet, thereby reducing caloric intake


Appetite Suppressants vs. Fat Blockers

When it comes to weight loss there are many different ways to go about picking a dieting plan, but the most effective way to choose between all the choices on the market today is to figure out your own body’s strengths and weaknesses. Two common problems dieters have are the urge to overeat or snack, and eating foods with too much fat in them. If you fit into these categories then an appetite suppressant or a fat block could be the product for you. These products vary in the ways that they work with your body to boost weight loss.
Appetite suppressants work one of two ways. These products either suppress the signal from your stomach to your brain, or they make the processing of the food you consume take longer than usual. Appetite suppressants that interrupt the signal of emptiness that is sent from your stomach to your brain are most generally plant based. These products change the way your body views hunger essentially and keeps the brain from recognizing the fact that your stomach is empty thus suppressing the temptation to eat. Appetite suppressants that make the processing of food take longer are generally fibre based. The fibre in these products combine with the food you consume making it harder for your body to process the food, but letting it pass through your body naturally and comfortably.
When you consume too much fat at one meal, your body is naturally designed to hold onto that source of energy for later use. If the fat is not burned off during the course of the day then your body turns that excess fat from your food into the stubborn fat that is so hard to eliminate. Fat blocking products make the fat molecules in the food you consume too complex for your body to absorb. These products are suggested to be coupled with a controlled diet that includes reducing the amount of fat in every meal to reduce the risk of uncomfortable side effects. These products help your body use the other aspects of your meals more effectively and get rid of the parts of the food that are less healthy for your body.
Of course all of these products have best results when they are used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. In some cases, as with the fat blocking products, it is highly recommended that you do not consume a large amount of fat while taking these products. No dieting product should be considered a substitute for meals and you should always consult your medical professional of choice to determine whether or not these products will interact negatively with other medications you may be on.
So if you have trouble with that annoying urge to snack or feel that your body is not effectively getting rid of the fat that you are consuming in your food, these products could be right for you. These products give you the power to take control back of your weight and make your lifestyle a more healthy one.
Carb Blockers vs. Fat Blockers

Every person’s body is different in many different ways. It is for this reason that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to dieting supplements. Everyone loses weight at different rates and each person has different aspects of weight loss that they struggle with. If you are a person that struggles with an excessive carbohydrate intake or you feel like you absorb too much of the fat that is in the food you consume, carb blockers or fat blockers could be the products you would want to supplement your diet with.
These supplements are made specifically for people whose bodies struggle with processing carbs and fat. Instead of your body processing these things fast to allow for very little absorption, your body may need a little help in blocking these parts of food to allow for an increase in weight loss. It is important that you have a complete dieting system to put into effect when you begin taking these supplements. Low calorie diets and regular exercise should be incorporated into this dieting plan. Also, remember that it is important to write your goals down and keep track of your progress.
Carb blockers seek out the carbohydrates in food and attach to them. When these carbs move through your system they become more and more complex from the carb blockers. By the time your body tries to absorb these carbohydrates, they are too complex to be absorbed. They are then passed out of the body. Because they are passed through the body instead of being absorbed and used for energy the body does not have time to process the excess amount into fat. Carbohydrates are a huge part of weight gain because they are so rich in energy and are very hard to burn off. By eliminating the chance for them to be absorbed, there is no chance that lack of activity will turn them into fat.
Fat blockers work much in the same way as carb blockers only they work on fat in food instead of carbohydrates. When too much fat is in a meal, your body takes the fat and stores it away for future use. Fat is known for being the cheapest form of energy the body can get, however, it is very easy for lack of activity to turn fats from food into the fat that sits on your body and is very hard to burn off. The longer fat sits on your body the harder it is to exercise enough to get rid of it due to the fact that you must continue to eat during that time. So you essentially have to burn off the fat from the foods you are taking in daily, as well as the fat that is already there.
Carb blockers and fat blockers, although they work in similar ways, work well for different people. Everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to food. If your weakness is fried food, then a fat blocker may be the best solution for you; however if your weakness is pastas or breads, then a carb blocker may be your answer.
Losing Weight Safely Over Time

When it comes to weight loss there are a lot of products that claim to provide quick results with little to no effort on your part. These are the types of products that should be avoided if you are serious about losing your excess weight. The types of products that are most effective are the ones that take more time to help you take that weight off. Losing weight over a short period of time makes you more prone to gaining that weight back after you have reached your targeted loss goal. The only safe and effective way to lose weight is to lose it over a longer period of time at a steady rate.
There are a couple of different products that help you lose weight within this safe period of time. These products are most generally prescription products that actually encourage eating. A healthy diet is an important part of making these products work to your favor.
One type of these products eliminates the majority of the fat from the foods you consume by quickly flushing it from your body. Because these types of products flush the fat out so quickly, they encourage a change of diet and a limit to the amount of fats in each meal. These products generally come with some type of food guide and recipes that have been tested for their fat content. The only problems reported for this type of product are related to a slip by the dieter in the recommended fat intake. This type of slip may result in some discomfort caused by the fast passing of fats.
Another type of these products has been formulated to actually attach to the fats in the foods you consume so that they are too complex for your body to absorb. These products literally change the make up of the fat in the foods you consume to keep your body from storing it. This type of product helps ensure that the body does not mistake over eating for a need to store extra fats away for later use. By doing this, these products stop the body’s natural instinct to hold on to every source of energy it can get.
In both cases it is important to understand that a healthy diet consists of some fat. Fat is only your enemy when it is excessively consumed. It is also safe to assume that if you go with a product that helps pass fat through your body at a very fast rate that you should plan on limiting your intake of fat. This will keep you from experiencing discomfort while taking these types of products.
In general, these types of products are not for everyone. They should be limited to people who want to take off a large amount of weight. These products should also only be used by a person who has consulted their medical professional and has received advice from them on the best and safest dieting product to use in their situation. Your doctor knows all other medications and should be able to tell you whether these products would safely interact with them.


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